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Gas Line Purity Sampling & Analysis

Gas Line Purity Sampling & Analysis

Gas purity is an analysis that the targeted purity is set at a minimum of 99.999% pure or contains no more than 0.001% (10 ppm) of defined impurities. The concern of industrial player in gas purity is the performance of the industrial gas to optimize the productivity and product's quality.

A gas purity expression of 99.999% is obtained by an "Impurities Subtraction" method. The process involving identifies the most likely contaminants and measuring each targeted impurities in ppm or ppb, add up all impurities and convert to percentage (%). The total impurity percentage is subtract from 100% to get the purity of the gas. Therefore, several types of specialised instruments and sampling techniques are required to determine gas purity.

Common Gas Impurity Analysis
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Methane

Natural Gas Sampling and Analysis - Gas Speciation

In certain industry, natural gas speciation is important for them to ensure the quality of the natural gas used as a fuel. The gas speciation involving field sampling and laboratory analysis to determine the substances in the natural gas.

Natural Gas Speciation include:
  • Sulphur speciation
  • Saturated & unsaturated hydrocarbon
  • Water / moisture content
  • Gas composition (CO, CO2, He, H, N2, O2)

Our Capability

Our team is capable of carrying on-site impurities measurements and field sampling for laboratory analysis in order to identify and determine the purity as well as the speciation of the targeted industrial gas.